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Bekki Preston



Hello! My name is Bekki and I'm a fourth year student of Spanish and Russian - a course that has lead me to living in both of those countries for a while. I've been doing MUN since I was a fresher, even getting skyped in as Putin from Moscow for the Christmas Crisis! I'm excited to be taking on the role of President this year, and making LeedsMUN bigger and better with the help of our secretariat. Outside of MUN (if such a thing exists) I'm into anime, drawing, history, languages and eating obscene amounts of garlic bread.


Jakub Kuban



Hello, I’m Jakub, originally from Slovakia (not Slovenia, I’d like to know why those names are so similar too), and currently in the 3rd year studying International Relations. This year, I will be supporting our amazing president Bekki as the Vice President to deliver a great and engaging society as well as a strong (and stable) conference. My MUN journey started two years ago, in my first year, and has lead me through 7 conferences, two of those as a Chair. I am also a graduate of the Chair Training Programme, which is a great opportunity to get to experience MUN from the other side, not as a delegate but as a Chair, and which will be back this year. In addition, I served as the Secretary on the las year’s committee. In the life outside of MUN, I like to get geeky about politics, and languages and linguistics.


Eric Hripko



Hey there! My name is Eric and I'm a fourth year student studying Artificial Intelligence, a.k.a. making giant death robots that will enslave us all. I've been doing MUN since my 2nd year and mastered the art of being a devil's advocate! I live and breathe technology and am hoping to make LeedsMUN even more accessible and futuristic as this year's Secretary. Outside of MUN I do photography, play guitar and make an unbelievable amount of sarcastic comments about everything.


Umamah Yusufi



Hi, I’m Umamah, a third year medical student. I only started participating in the society and conferences a year ago, but have really enjoyed the world of MUN, and greatly value both the role it has played in developing my confidence in public speaking, chairing and debating, and the amazing people that I’ve grown close to through it. I hope that, as Treasurer, I can give members greater value for money and more opportunities to develop their skills to give them greater successes at conferences and in their academic endeavours. Hope you have a great time with the society!


Morris Chaiet



Howdy! I’m Morris and I’m a second-year Social Policy student. I’m specializing in human rights and identity politics, so it only makes sense that Model UN has been a huge influence on my life since I was in high school. In order to fully get that international experience I moved from my tiny town in northern New Jersey to the big busy city of Leeds! I’ve got roughly 5 years of MUN experience, and the complete lack of social tact to prove it. I hope one day to get my law degree and become a policy advocate for think tanks, NGOs, and maybe even then UN! That’s lightyears away, so in the meantime, I spend my days ranting at my TV about the inefficacy of literally any of Trump’s policies.


Louis Lamaury



Hiya! I'm Louis, a first year studying economics and management who just happens to have an interest in international politics. This is probably rooted in the fact that the UK is the fifth country I have lived in, but I digress. Personally, my passion lies in technology, which is why I build computers as a hobby and geek over camera tech-specs! Along the lines of tech, as social affairs officer, I will be managing the society's social media, so watch out for a cheeky tweet! Oh, and for the record, I'm French, I just sound American.