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Committee Applications!

Secretary Wed, 10/10/2018 - 15:11


We have three roles available for application: Secretary, Social Sec and Publicity Sec.
Secretary will have priority to more experienced Model UN members.


Secretary is very challenging, but similarly rewarding in giving you the opportunity to handle a lot of our external relations. This can range from getting in contact with Paris' MUN committee to getting sponsorships from local businesses. Alongside this, you will be the default candidate to develop our weekly study guide, giving you a fantastic opportunity to broaden your knowledge on a number of subjects. This being said, Secretary is a mandatory role for the union, hence will have seniority.


  • Managing LeedsMUN website
  • Helping to write study guides
  • Logging meeting notes
  • Coordination with the Union
  • Help conduct the conference

Social Secretary

The job of Social Sec suits someone fun-loving and knowledgeable of the best drinking holes in Leeds. You’ll be in charge of the weekly after debate sesh and ensuring our conference socials are the talk of the MUN circuit. It’s a great starting role for new members who want some responsibility, or veterans looking for a little extra MUN in their life.


  • Choosing the social each week (not just the Library!) 
  • Booking tables for weekly socials
  • Choosing the two conference socials
  • Organising and booking the conference socials
  • Attending the socials and conference

Publicity Officer

Publicity is the best job for the creative type, and has proven to be the stepping stone to future presidents of LeedsMUN. Even if you’re not aiming that high, Publicity is  a great way to indulge in social media habits and promote our society and conference. You’ll be working with the secretary to make sure our public image is out there and looking good. 


  • Manning the Facebook Group, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mailing List and Website
  • Promoting LeedsMUN and our Conference and advertising applications
  • Assisting the secretary with the study guide
  • Publishing the weekly debate themes

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