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Halloween Crisis: Zombie Apocalypse

Secretary Fri, 11/02/2018 - 18:01

zombie crisis

15th of February 2019- China calls an emergency meeting of the Security Council. The entire nation of North Korea has stopped all communications with the outside world for just over two weeks. In a desperate attempt to connect with their allies, the People’s Liberation Army sent one Shaanxi Y-8 patrol plane to investigate. However, the 36-year-old aircraft encountered bad weather and was forced to execute an emergency landing, leaving the 5-man crew stranded in the foreign land. The surviving soldiers maintained radio contact with the Chinese government and their reports were alarming. 

The Chinese servicemen described a North Korea desolate of any life or civilization: vehicles and carts are stopped in the middle of the road, houses abandoned and shops looted of any remaining goods. Any civilians reacted violently- often flailing their limbs and screeching in an attempt to attack the soldiers. One officer reported almost being eaten by a decrepit woman, her skin almost falling off of her while she attacked him. In an attempt to provide emergency preventive care, the soldiers continued to record any medical update on the man. After 3 hours, the soldier developed a fever, pain in his joints, and vomiting. 10 hours after the encounter, he contracted a high fever, dementia, and loss of muscle coordination. Following 16 hours, the soldier reported paralysis in his lower limbs and a slow heart rate. After 19 hours, the man had fallen into a coma. The People’s Liberation Army received one final distress call 23 hours after the grounding. The men seemed desperate and hysterical, screaming about their brother ‘rising from the dead.’ They have failed to establish contact since. 

The ambassador to China has called you to the Security Council- you are to determine what has befallen the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and prevent any of this from happening to your home countries.