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Secretary Mon, 02/11/2019 - 21:39


Leeds Mun ConferenceLeedsMUN VI Conference 2019 

15th - 17th February 

From University of Leeds delegates, to attracting those from the US, Netherlands, Jordan and around the UK, this coming weekend brings to you Leeds MUN 6th annual Conference. Great for both beginners and seasoned MUNers - You'll surely grow in confidence.

A two-and-a-half-day conference of fun, networking and intellectual discussions; debating various topics within the theme of "Global Home: Rights to statehood and Borderless Industry" chosen and presented by our wide mix of elected Chairs of 5 Committees:

DISEC Disarmament and International Security

UNHRC United Nations Human Rights Council

UNSC  United Nations Security Council


Debating and creating resolutions, and an informal Crisis: a battle won through digital texts -  Can you stand your ground?

Celebrating our 6th anniversary, after a day of conference, come and join us for some fun at Socials - Leeds' student life isn't renowned for nothing!

Student-friendly! Our conference fees and social packs are known for being affordable and a great value-for-money. So what are you waiting for? Apply now to attend!

                                                                ------  SOCIALS  -------

"Ladies and Gentlemen, loosen up your ties, get rid of your suits & welcome aboard Air Revolution. In preparation for take off, kindly ensure you have buckled up (or laced up) your dancing shoes & have all negative vibes properly stowed away in the overhead lockers. On behalf of your Captain- Leeds MUN, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you aboard. We expect good music and positive vibes through out the trip, so please enjoy the ride.”

“Put on your pack and step into the future. Battling for supremacy with your fellow humans in an experience taking you through a journey of sounds, lights and smoke. There can only be one winner in this real life video game.”


Get your Tickets Here                                                                   


Reminder: Social Pack Fee does NOT INCLUDE Delegate Fee.
If wanting to Join the Socials please purchase BOTH the Delegate and Social Pack.


*More Information on Facebook Page*