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Sheffield MUN Key Announcements

Secretary Sun, 11/03/2019 - 23:28

Sheffield Mun Key Announcements


Hi guys,

For everyone going to Sheffield MUN we have a few announcements and tips as of now. Be advised the information is subject to change.

  1. As of now the current delegates going to SheffMUN from the LeedsMUN society is:

    1. Samuel James Morgan: UNSC: JAPAN
    2. Yana Rash: UNHRC: PAKISTAN
    3. Tristan Leung: UN WOMEN: ANGOLA
    4. Terry Tergel Batnasan: UNODC: CHINA
    5. Susanna Juliet Nevalainen: UNODC: USA
    6. Jonathan Tam: UNSC: CHINA
    7. Joseph Moore: UNEP: USA
    8. James Murphy: UNSC: USA
    9. George Heliotis: UNSC: POLAND
    10. Frea Marie P. Repospolo: UNEP: JAPAN
    11. Blessy Hebzeba Varghese: UN WOMEN: HUNGARY
    12. Annirudha Gupta: UNODC: BULGARIA
    13. Andrea Cernikova: UNSC: RUSSIA
    14. Sanders Brouwers: UNEP: Max Denmark


2. Accomodation: As for accommodation, from the societies point of view unfortunately we could not arrange anything from our side and if you choose to stay at Sheffield during the conference do so personally. We can, however, aid you in any of your plans if you choose accommodation, however, our research has shown that a night at a hotel will cost approximately 40 pounds.

3. Transportation: As for transportation, for those not planning to choose accommodation in Sheffield we recommend to take a train. Trains from Leeds to Sheffield and vice versa occur regularly and cost approximately 5 pounds each way. We do plan as a delegation to book the same train at the same time and details of this will be posted at an earlier time. If you do choose to plan other transportation please do refer to the the conference schedule to avoid any clashes.

4. Conference Schedule: Conference Schedule is as follows, but be advised that this is subject to change. Please note that the socials are not listed in the schedule at this current time.

5. Socials: There are two socials offered by the SheffMUN conference: Pizza and Pub quiz and Bar Tour. Both socials will occur on the Saturday and directly after each other. We have noticed that the Bar Tour will start at 10pm which all delegates should take into consideration when booking tickets for transportation. On top of this we hope to plan some sort of LeedsMUN delegation social which will most likely occur on the night of Friday more details TBA.

6. Study Guides and Preparation: Now that you are allocated countries the study guides as well as delegation preperation guides and rules of procedure can be found here. Please do read through them.

7. Pre-Conference Training/ Briefing: We would like to organise a pre-conference training before we go to the actual conference to allow our delegates to learn the basic rules and procedure as well as support you in any way before that. As well as this we hope to brief everyone on the travel arrangements before we set off. More details on this TBA in the near future.

If at any time you have any questions or require more information or assistance at any time we will be more than willing to help!

Contact us either in person or email us at


Thanks guys,